Passport Photography

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Colour or black and white identification photographs can be provided for any purpose including:

  • Passport & Visa photos for all countries
  • Baby & Child passport photos
  • Workplace Licenses
  • International Driver Licenses
  • Employment Resumes
  • Business Licenses
  • Airline Attendant Resumes
  • Citizenship applications
  • Firearm Licenses
id photopassport

All nationalities are catered for including US passports / Indian passports / Canadian passports / UK passports and other non-standard sizes.

Infant and child passport photographs taken.

All photographs are taken in a professional studio on a while-you-wait basis, and photographs are guaranteed to comply with required standards.

Express Business Portraits

Competition in the business market is intense these days so to remain competitive you need to present yourself favourably in the eyes of your potential clients. People appreciate professionalism and first impressions count, so projecting the right image of yourself and your personnel can be crucial to achieving that initial contact. The aim of a good business portrait is to do this, to help attract people to your business rather than your competitors. These photographs may feature in various marketing applications: on your website; on a business card; in advertising and promotional material; on social media; in your annual report etc.

  • Business portraits can be taken as individual or group photographs.
  • Photographs are taken in a professional studio, or on location at your workplace.
  • Photo editing options are available if required.
  • Fast 24-hour turnaround time.
  • Images are supplied in both Hi-Res and Lo-Res to suit all requirements.
  • Final images can be supplied either in print or on any form of digital media or emailed directly to your business.

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